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About Respira Medical Military (RMM)

Our Respira Medical Military (RMM) program is designed to meet the needs of our military patients, worldwide. Our military sleep model is dedicated to providing quality sleep therapy, customized patient care and education, clinical research, compliance monitoring and exceptional service. Respira Medical Military is unique program that has been specifically developed to work in partnership with Military Sleep Disorder clinics. Licensed Respiratory Therapists are available to provide PAP Therapy education and set ups, compliance data downloads, mask refits, equipment troubleshooting and ongoing follow up care to ensure comfort and therapeutic benefit.

Our RMM program provides an intensive educational experience outlining the definition of sleep apnea, the ongoing health concerns related to OSA and the role of PAP therapy in treating OSA. The patient also receives a hands-on education on the use of their therapeutic device.

RMM Program features include:

Orange Checkmark A customized, comprehensive patient follow up and education program
Orange Checkmark Direct contact and communication with a sleep physician and/or Primary Care Manager (PCM) for any clinical data requested
Orange Checkmark Customized military Respira Deployment Kits [RDKs] available
Orange Checkmark Ease of duty status transition from active duty to veteran
Orange Checkmark Sleep apnea support group webinars for military patients that have questions or concerns regarding therapy (all patients are welcome; remote dial in from any location)

Military Services

Respira Medical Military (RMM) is a dynamic program that has been designed to provide support to our patients who serve, or have served, in the armed forces and their families. We understand the challenges faced by today’s military and make it our priority to deliver exceptional care that travels seamlessly with the patient through deployments, temporary duties, and permanent changes of station. We at Respira Medical are proud to serve the brave men and women who serve our nation and are honored to be able to play a role in the care of American heroes.

State-of-the-art technology

Respira Medical Military proudly provides the most state-of-the-art technology to meet the needs of our military patients. We offer the newest and most innovative CPAPs, BiLevels, and BiLevel with back up units which provide exceptional therapy.

Our latest technology features the following:

Orange Checkmark Remote access to patient compliance data
Orange Checkmark Wireless modem, Bluetooth and Website compliance monitoring
Orange Checkmark Global online support system
Orange Checkmark Online access to account information, statements, and CPAP supply requests
Orange Checkmark Online instructional videos
Orange Checkmark Replenishment outreach and compliance program with no additional cost for delivery -- anywhere in the world

Online Account Access

RMM provides each patient with online access to account information, statements, and CPAP supply request. RMM also provides easy online requests for quick account changes such as address updates or insurance changes.

Click here to go to account information

Click here to submit address change

Click here to request supplies

Military Newsletter

Respira Medical and Respira Medical Military’s patient newsletter is your source for education and trending topics in respiratory and sleep medicine. Each monthly issue contains relevant content and important announcements about events in our community, upcoming support group meetings and important contacts to service all of your healthcare needs. Click here to sign up for our monthly newsletter. To view our past newsletters, please follow this link , or check out our newsletter section under the resources section of the Respira Medical webpage.

Tricare coverage

If you have TRICARE, as an in network TRICARE provider, Respira can provide you with your CPAP supplies, delivered directly to your door, and the shipping is FREE.

The cost of your supplies will be based on the type of TRICARE coverage you have. If you are active duty, your supplies are completely covered.

For more information or assistance regarding the calculation of your individual cost, or to place your order for CPAP supplies, call us today at (866) 373-7747 or email Respira at:

Physician Compliance Data

Physicians, for remote access to your patient sleep compliance data, click on the links below based on the patient’s CPAP manufacturer. You will need a security login to access your patient data. Please contact Respira’s clinical director or for additional information regarding secure logins.



Fischer & Paykel

Military Programs

Respira Medical Military provides programs that support our military patients and their sleep and respiratory therapy needs. Our Sleep Apnea Support Group and Clinical Research Program were all developed with our military patients in mind.

Patient Compliance Program

Respira’s in-depth, follow up program includes customized analysis of individual patient compliance data and ongoing follow up to address any concerns or questions that our patients may have. We also maintain contact with physicians and referral sources in order to communicate any therapy concerns or clinical suggestions for care based on continuous patient data monitoring.

To ensure that our program yields the greatest compliance success rate, our licensed respiratory therapists will educate each patient about their equipment, fit them with the right mask, and review the programs and resources that we provide for our patients post set up.

Respira’s patient compliance program provides:

Orange Checkmark Exceptional Care and Education: Ongoing patient care, including immediate response to any issues or concerns regarding CPAP therapy is available to you from the moment we receive the referral from your physician.
Orange Checkmark Compliance Monitoring: Our licensed Respiratory Therapists monitor sleep therapy using wireless modems, bluetooth, and sd card data and provide follow up directly to our patients and their physicians when compliance concerns arise. A patient data trend analysis is also conducted to develop ongoing program improvements.
Orange Checkmark CPAP/BiLevel Replenishment Supply Reminder: Sleep replenishment supply reminders are sent every three months based on your insurance coverage. Our “better caredirect” outreach program allows our patients to choose email, automated calls, or personal calls for reminders.
Orange Checkmark Sleep Apnea Support Group: Focused on patient needs, these quarterly webinars are held by licensed professionals and notable guest speakers in the medical health community and work to bring patients with Obstructive Sleep Apnea together to discuss their therapy concerns and successes.

With Respira’s compliance program, our respiratory therapists are able to mitigate concerns and help you transition comfortably and confidently with your equipment, providing additional education, fittings, and clinical follow up for the entire length of your therapy.

Sleep Apnea Support Group

Respira’s quarterly Sleep Apnea Support Group webinar was developed to support our military patients with Obstructive Sleep Apnea (OSA) who may have questions or concerns about their therapy. There are thousands of people who suffer from OSA and you should not feel alone. Our quarterly webinars offer patients with remote access the opportunity to dial in from anywhere in the country – or world.

The overall goals of our program are to provide sleep patients with:

Orange Checkmark An understanding and overview of Obstructive Sleep Apnea, Complex Sleep Apnea and other issues such as COPD, CHF, OHS and Restrictive Thoracic Disorders.
Orange Checkmark Education or review of Positive Airway Pressure therapy, CPAP mask options, latest technology, most common questions and concerns with masks
Orange Checkmark Open discussion regarding your concerns or challenges with sleep therapy and overview of the most common questions and issues that patients with OSA experience.
Orange Checkmark Discussions led by guest speakers on latest trending topics, equipment, and therapy relating to Sleep Therapy.

If you are interested in enrolling in our next Sleep Apnea Support Group, please email for more information. Our program is not limited to Respira patients, all patients and their caregivers are welcome.

Clinical Research Program

Respira’s Clinical Research Program was developed in order to provide both our patients and physicians with new information and data concerning sleep and respiratory medicine and therapy. By being on the ground floor of timely data collecting and analysis, Respira is able to assess opportunities for improvement in education and therapy for our patients in the immediate and long-term future.

Wounded Warriors Clinic

Respira Medical Military, in collaboration with our contracted Military Treatment Facilities, is proud to act as onsite support for weekly clinics that serve the needs of Wounded Warriors. By definition, Wounded Warriors are members of the military who have incurred a combat related injury or illness in the defense of their country. RMM partners directly with Sleep and Pulmonary physicians to ensure these heroes, who often have multiple, severe and debilitating medical diagnoses, have easy access to care and are assisted in achieving compliance with their therapies. Respira Medical Military offers compassionate and customized education and follow-up to guarantee the comfort and success of our healing soldiers, sailors, and airmen.

CPAP Replenishment Supplies

Ordering Supplies:

With Respira Medical Military (RMM), our servicemen and women can order sleep supplies online to be delivered to their door, anywhere in the world

Masks and Accessories:

RMM can provide you with new PAP supplies at little or no cost, with FREE delivery directly to your home. Respira stocks all of the most popular mask types and sizes, as well as other replenishment supplies you may need such as tubing, filters, cushions and headgear.

Questions or Requests?

Call RMM today, toll free at (866) 373-7747 or email at: to place an order for CPAP supplies. You can also request supplies online by selecting “order sleep supplies” in the upper right hand corner of our website, and then complete and submit the attached form. Prior to deployment, you can also schedule an in-home appointment with one of our professional PAP mask fitting specialists to ensure you are using the most comfortable CPAP mask for you. For more information about our Respira Deployment Kits (RDKs), just select the RDK sub-tab from the list on the left hand side of your screen.

**If you have had your machine for 5 years or longer, or your current machine is not download-capable, you may be eligible for a new machine with physician approval. Please contact us toll-free at (866) 373-7747 or via email at to discuss your options.

Respira Deployment Kits

At Respira Medical Military, we respect the unique challenges that accompany military deployment. Our trained staff creates our needs specific RDK for our active duty servicemen and women to ensure that they are fully prepared for the duration of their deployment. We handle the paperwork, provide technical support 24/7 and provide state-of-the-art technology to assist you throughout your therapy plan.

Deploying service members are encouraged to make an appointment with their sleep physician at least one month before the date of departure. This allows the physician to make any necessary therapeutic changes and inform Respira Medical of the need for a RDK.

For your convenience, Respira Medical Military offers three different types of RDKs, which consist of multiple supply replenishments to last you throughout a 6, 9 or 12 month duration of time. Each kit is packaged with the correct number of respective materials necessary for their treatment over that span of time and the contents of each are outlined below as follows:

6 Month RDK9 Month RDK12 Month RDK
Masks (2)Masks (3)Masks (4)
Tubing (2)Tubing (3)Tubing (4)
Disposable Filters (6)Disposable Filters (9)Disposable Filters (12)
Non-Disposable Filters (2)Non-Disposable Filters (3)Non-Disposable Filters (4)
Water Chambers (2)Water Chambers (3)Water Chambers (4)
Chin Straps (2)Chin Straps (3)Chin Straps (4)

Request a Respira Medical Military RDK: Order by phone, toll free at (866) 373-7747 or by emailing Respira at As a TRICARE and Medicare provider, we can deliver your respiratory supply needs Worldwide. When placing an order, please be sure to include the date of deployment so that we can ensure your supplies arrive well in advance of your departure. Additional supplies are available anytime, anywhere by contacting Respira’s better caredirect department toll free at (866) 373-7747.

Travel CPAP

Respira Medical Military offers our military patients travel CPAP and battery supplies. For additional information, please go to this link or contact us at 866.373.7747 or

The Transcend Travel CPAP is a retail product which does not replace your current CPAP but is an excellent option for our military patients who are looking for a lighter and on-the-go CPAP option. The Travel CPAP weighs less than 1 lb and is quiet. The Transcend Travel CPAP is compatible with all CPAP masks.

Click here for additional information or call or email us at 866.373.7747 or

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Am I still deployable if I have sleep apnea?

Yes. You are still deployable if you have diagnosed sleep apnea, however, you must be sure to be compliant with your therapy and follow up with your sleep physician accordingly. The only time you are no longer "deployable" is if you have a diagnosis and no proof of compliance.

2. How do I change my address/insurance/general information?

Go to and select "change your address" button in upper right hand corner, complete change of address request form. Or contact customer service at 866.373.7747.

3. What is CPAP compliance and why do I have to be compliant with therapy?

Your CPAP machine needs to be used for a minimum amount of time to derive medical benefits. Medical experts have recommended 70% usage which equates to 5 nights a week, 4 hours a night. Your ability to use it more frequently will only improve your clinical benefits.

4. Will Respira continue to take care of me when I retire from the service, or will I be required to go through the VA?

Yes, Respira can continue to provide you with supplies and support.

5. How often can I change the type of mask I use?

Mask changes and coverage are based on your specific insurance. Please contact customer service at 866.373.7747 and we can provide you with more details.

6. When a follow up visit is required, if you download my card, does that count as my follow up visit?

No, you should plan on returning to your military treatment facility for any scheduled follow up appointments.

7. Can I set up at my military treatment facility [MTF] if my sleep study is from another sleep clinic?

If you have an outside sleep study, call the MTF after it is scored and make an appointment to be seen by a Sleep Physician for follow up. This follow up appointment will ensure that you understand your study and gives your doctor the ability to write you a prescription for CPAP. Be sure to bring a copy of your sleep study when you come to this appointment and then we would be happy to set you up after.

8. How long is the warranty on my CPAP machine and what are some things that will void that warranty?

Most CPAP/heaters have a 2-year manufacturer’s warranty. Damage due to obvious mishandling or water damage from failing to empty humidifier prior to travel may void warranty.

9. I think my CPAP is too old/broken/not giving me the right pressure. How do I get a new one?

Contact Respira customer service at 866.373.7737.

10. Can I still get supplies from Respira if I move to another place?

Yes, Respira can provide you with your supplies anywhere in the country, or the world. Just provide Respira with your new address information and we will deliver your supplies, right to your door.

11. How do I put the card back into my machine and will the machine work without the card?

The datacard will slide directly into the card reader. The card does not have to be in the CPAP for your machine to work.

12. How often do I need to clean my CPAP supplies?

Your mask should be cleaned daily (just like washing your face). You should receive detailed cleaning instructions for all of your CPAP supplies at your initial set up. Please click here for detailed cleaning instructions.

13. Can I put aromatherapy or vapor rub into my CPAP chamber to open my sinuses?

The humidifier chamber should only be filled with distilled water, adding anything else will void the warranty and may damage the CPAP unit.

14. Do I absolutely have to use distilled water?

Distilled water is best, but if you are traveling and don't have access to distilled, bottled or filtered water can be used for a short period of time.

15. Will I be on this therapy for the rest of my life, do I have to wear it every night?

Most patients have their CPAP machine ordered for a lifetime, and it is recommended that you use the CPAP every night. However, you should consult your physician to better understand your specific medical needs.

16. Should the mask be leaking out of the front?

That "leaking" is actually a vent which allows carbon dioxide to leave the mask.

17. What happens if my machine breaks while I am overseas?

If your CPAP machine should break within the first two years of usage, contact Respira Medical at (866) 373-7747 or via email at: If the machine is under warranty, a new unit can be shipped overseas to replace its broken component.

The only responsibility of the patient will be to ship the broken machine back to Respira Medical using the instructions that would be provided.

If the CPAP machine malfunctions and it is outside of the warranty, Respira Medical cannot replace the unit unless a prescription is obtained from a doctor within the service member’s overseas TRICARE region. A prescription or referral placed by a stateside physician will be denied.

18. What if I need supplies while I am overseas? Can Respira provide these?

Respira Medical would be happy to ship supplies overseas, however, a prescription will need to be obtained from an overseas physician. That prescription must specifically state that the patient should receive new supplies from Respira Medical. A prescription from a stateside provider will be denied.

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